Rules for authors

We moved to the new web-site: After 15.04.2024, only submissions via new web-site are considered.

General information

1. Ufa Mathematical Journal Only the manuscripts with new original results which have not been published before are accepted for the publication. The exception is made only for the reviews. The results of other authors used in a manuscript should be cited in an appropriate way. Submitting the manuscript to the journal, the authors acknowledge by this that the manuscript meets these requirements.

2. Each manuscript is sent for refereeing to at least two reviewers not being members of the editorial board. In addition, each manuscript is refereed by one of the members of the editorial board. Basing on the reviewers’ reports, the editorial board adopts the motivated decision on accepting or rejecting the manuscript for publication.

3. The authors of a manuscript accepted for the publication should sign the Transfer of Copyright Agreement. The form of the agreement can be downloaded from the web-site of the journal dogovor_eng.doc

5. The full-texts of the published manuscripts are freely accessibly on the official web-site of the Institute of mathematics with Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

6. The publication of manuscripts in the journal is free of charge.


Guidelines for the preparation and submission of the manuscript

1. The manuscipt is submitted electronically by email: The manuscript should be carefully checked. All the pages. figures, tables, and the references should be numbered. The proof of the final version of the manuscript is sent to the authors in PDF- or PS-format.

2. The manuscript should be prepared using LaTeX2e publishing software (style amsart, packages amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb). Example of .tex file. Typewritten manuscripts or the ones prepared using software other than TeX, will not be considered. The tex- and ps- (pdf-)files of the paper should be sent to the editorial board by e-mail (

3. Full names of all authors, title of the paper, the abstract, and the keywords in Russian and English are presented in a separate text file. The file should also contain the academic title and degree, position, full title of the scientific institution, its address with the postal code, the phone number with the city code and mobile phone number, e-mail address and registration address of every author. It is necessary to indicate the corresponding author.

4. The date of the electronic submission of the manuscript to the e-mail of the journal is considered as that of the official submission. The e-mail should be written as a cover letter, where it is clearly said that the authors submit the manuscript to Ufa Mathematical Journal.

5. The manuscript should include the UDC index, the title of the paper followed by the initials and surnames of all authors, short abstracts in Russian and English (no less than 500 and no more than 1500 symbols), the list of keywords in Russian and English, and MSC2010 codes MSC2010   . Then, the full names of all authors and the titles of their institutions where the work was done with full postal addresses should be given.

6. The abstract should contain no cumbersome formulas, references to the text of the manuscript, or citations.

7. While preparing the file, the authors are strongly encouraged not to define new commands, especially with parameters, and not to redefine the Greek letters and other standard commands. Standard tools of the package should be mainly used.

8. Black-and-white pictures should be prepared in EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript) to be adequately represented upon optical reduction in two times. If figures are used, it is necessary to attach the package epsfig. The caption should be centered under the picture and include the word Fig. followed by the number. The firgures should be continuously numbered throughout the manuscript. All comments to figures should be placed in the text of the manuscript. The tables are accompanied by the centered caption Tab. followed by the number. The tables should be continuously numbered throughout the manuscript. All comments to tables should be placed in the text of the manuscripts. Diagrams are made similarly to the figures.

9. The bibliography should include only the items referred to in the manuscript in the citation order. It is not allowed to refer to unpublished works, the results of which are used in proofs of the paper. The bibliography list should include no more than 40 items.

10. Authors may suggest potential referees for their articles and indicate their e-mails. The authors can also indicate the referees to which the paper should not be used because of a conflict of interests.

11. In the case of the rejection of the paper, the authors receive a motivation letter.