Bannoe 23

International Conference “Complex Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Nonlinear Equations”  (13 -17 March 2023, Bashkortostan, South Ural, Yaktykul (Bannoe Lake))


Main topics:
  • Complex analysis and function theory
  • Nonlinear equations
  • Equations of mathematical physics
  • Physical and chemical hydrodynamics (online, dedicated to the memory of V.Sh. Shagapov)

Program Committee:

  • V.Yu. Novokshenov (chairman, IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • A.M. Gaisin (co-chair, IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • D.I. Borisov (IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • A.V. Domrin (MSU, Moscow)
  • E.G. Ekomasov (UUST, Ufa)
  • L.A. Kalyakin (IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • I.R. Kayumov (SEMC VFD, Kazan)
  • A.N. Lachinov (IFMC UFRC RAS, BSPU, Ufa)
  • S.R. Naryrov (KFU, Kazan)
  • V.Zh. Sakbaev (KIAM, Moscow)
  • Z.Yu. Fazullin (UUST, Ufa)
  • V.E. Fedorov (CSU, Chelyabinsk)
  • R.S. Yulmukhametov (IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • A.B. Sukhov (University of Lille, France)

Organising Committee:

  • I.Kh. Musin (chairman, IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • Z.Yu. Fazullin (co-chair, UUST, Ufa)
  • N.L. Asfandiarov (co-chair, IFMC UFRC RAS, BSPU, Ufa)
  • R.A. Bashmakov (UUST, Ufa)
  • R.N. Garifullin (IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
  • A.M. Shavlukov (executive secretary, IM UFRC RAS, Ufa)
Conference dates: 13-17 March 2023 
The conference is planned in the offline format only, except for the online session "Physical and chemical hydrodynamics".
Working languages: Russian, English
Deadline for registration: 1 March 2023
The abstracts book will be ready before the beginning of the conference. Each participant may submit an abstract either in Russian or in English (not more than 1 page). The sample LaTex file is here.
Deadline for abstract submission: 1 March 2023. Abstracts should be sent to Abstracts that are not properly prepared in form and content will be rejected.