International Conference “Complex Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Nonlinear Equations”

Conference “Complex Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Nonlinear Equations”  is organized by

Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) Project 18-01-20008

It will take place in Russia (Bashkortostan, Bannoe Lake) from March 12 till March 16, 2018.

Conference sections::

  • Theory of functions and complex analysis; 
  • Mathematical physics; 
  • Differential equations.


Program Committee:

  • V.Yu. Novokshenov (chairman, Ufa)
  • S.A. Pshenichnyuk (co-chair, Ufa)
  • A.M. Gaisin (Ufa)
  • R.S. Yulmukhametov (Ufa)

    Organizing Committee:

    • I.Kh. Musin (chairman, Ufa)
    • N.L. Asfandiarov (co-chair, Ufa)
    • A.A. Bunakov (Ufa)
    • A.M. Gaisin (Ufa)
    • R.N. Garifullin (secretary, Ufa)
    • L.A. Kalyakin (Ufa)
    • D.V. Kondratev (Ufa)
    • V.Yu. Novokshenov (Ufa)
    • O.A. Sultanov (Ufa)
    • V. F. Vil'danova (Ufa)
    • E.R. Zhdanov (Ufa)

    Conference languages: russian, english.

    Deadline for registrationFebrary 1, 2018

    The abstracts book will be ready before the beginning of the conference. Each participant may submit an abstract either in Russian or in English (not more than 1 page). The sample LaTex file is here.