Virtual Workshop "Complex Analysis and Geometry"

Program of Workshop

Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre of UFRS of RAS organizes

Virtual Workshop "Complex Analysis and Geometry" (16.11.2021 – 19.11.2021)

This on-line workshop is aimed at sharing ideas and discussion of recent results in Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry. The purpose of the conference is to present some of  the latest  progress and developments in the field.

Main topics:

  • Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry;
  • Function Theory, Complex Interpolation and Approximation;
  • Complex Analysis and Operator Theory.

Preliminary program of Workshop

Speakers and preliminary titles of talks:

  • F. Avkhadiev (Kazan, Russia), Some open problems on Hardy-Rellich type inequalities in plane domains
  • A. Baranov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Complete interpolating sequences for small Fock spaces and for the Gaussian shift-invariant spaces
  • Yu. Belov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Gabor analysis for Cauchy kernel
  • A. Borichev (Marseille, France), The Szego minimum problem
  • E. Chirka (Moscow, Russia)
  • A. Domrin (Moscow, Russia), Soliton equations from the complex analytic point of view
  • E. Doubtsov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Clark measures and composition operators on the unit ball of $\mathbb{C}^n$
  • V. Dubinin (Vladivostok, Russia), Schwarzian at the boundary, half-plane capacity and symmetrization
  • K. Fedorovskiy (Moscow, Russia), Uniform approximation by polyanalytic polynomial modules
  • F. Forstneric (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Hyperbolic domain in real Euclidean spaces
  • V. Kapustin (St. Petersburg, Russia), Zeros of the Riemann zeta function and differential operators
  • I. Kayumov (Kazan, Russia), Coefficient problems for bounded analytic functions and Bohr type inequalitie
  • N. Kruzhilin (Moscow, Russia), Holomorphic maps preserving some complex lines
  • F. Larusson (Adelaide, Australia), A strong parametric h-principle for complete minimal surfaces
  • S. Nasyrov (Kazan, Russia), Quasiconformal reflection with respect to isosceles trapezoids
  • N. Levenberg (Bloomington, USA), Random Polynomials
  • J. Merker (Paris, France), On differential invariants of geometric structures
  • S. Nemirovski (Moscow, Russia), Open problems on open holomorphic embeddings
  • S. Pinchuk (Bloomington, USA), Critical sets of proper holomorphic mappings
  • A. Sadullaev (Tashkent, Uzbekiston), Real analytic analogue of Forelli's theorem
  • A. Sergeev (Moscow, Russia), Hermitian Yang--Mills equations and their generalizations
  • R. Shafikov (London, Canada), Survey of recent results on singular Levi-flat hypersurfaces
  • A. Tsikh (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Multidimensional residues and interpolations

The Organizers: