Ufa Mathematical Journal
    Volume 6, Number 4, pp. 81-98

    Boundary value problems for equations of viscous heat-conducting gas in time-increasing non-cylindrical domains

    Kaliev I.A., Sabitova G.S., Shukhardin A.A. Shukh


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    In this paper we prove global solvability of the initial-boundary value problems for the complete system of equations describing one-dimensional non-stationary flow of the viscous heat-conducting gas in time-increasing non-cylindrical domains. Local existence and uniqueness of these problems are proved in earlier articles by Kazhikhov A.V. and Kaliev I.A. This is why, the proof of the global in time existence and uniqueness theorem is connected with obtaining a priori estimates, in which the constant depend only on the data of the problem and the value of the time interval $T$, but do not depend on the period of existence of a local solution. The study is made in terms of Eulerian variables.