Ufa Mathematical Journal
    Volume 9, Number 3, pp. 61-75

    Adiabatic approximation in a resonance capture problem

    Kalyakin L.A.


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    By means of the averaging method, we analyze two model problems on capture into a resonance that leads us to the adiabatic approximation in the leading term in the asymptotics. The main aim is approximate (by using a small parameter) description of the capture in a resonance domain. This domain is in the phase plane and it consists of the initial points for the resonance solutions with an unboundedly increasing energy. The capture domain depends on an additional parameter involved in the equation. We show that the adiabatic approximation fails as the capture domain becomes narrow. In this case we have to modify substantially the averaging method. As a result, a system of nonlinear differential equations arises for the leading term in the asymptotics and this system is not always integrable.